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DANA CPD Certification


Certified Professional Decorator



DANA's Certified Professional Decorator program

enhances expert status and credibility while generating client confidence



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DANA Certified Professional Decorator


All DANA members are eligible for the

DANA Certified Professional Decorator program.


Why Become Certified?

Certification adds to your credibility as a decorator and provides instant expert status in the eyes of consumers. By earning certification, you will have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of decorating principles and ethical business practices.

Certified Professional Decorators subscribe to DANA’s code of ethics and continue their education through professional development programs. Consumers feel confident in working with decorators who commit to upholding these standards.

Certification earns you the right to use the title Certified Professional Decorator and use the initials CPD after your name. Digital and printed logos are provided to you for use on your website, business cards, and other promotional materials.

Certified Professional Decorators will also be promoted through DANA’s extensive marketing and advertising efforts.

Certification Process:

Members of DANA can earn the designation Certified Professional Decorator through:

Successful completion of the DANA Certified Professional Decorator (CPD) certification examination. Applicants are provided with downloadable study guides and access to an online testing center.

Commitment to DANA’s code of ethics

There is a one-time fee of $325 for the study guide manuals and certification testing. Study guides can be downloaded immediately upon registration. Testing is done online at your convenience- up to one year after registering for the exam.

Certification Retention:

To keep this title, Certified Professional Decorators must:

Continue as a member in good standing in DANA

Successfully complete two of the twelve FREE continuing education courses. These exceptional DANA Continuing Ed Courses   are provided online--monthly--and are always free to DANA members.


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