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  Professional Affiliation, Industry Certification, Continuing Education, and Business Support for the Interior Decorating and Design Trade




Code of Ethics



Each member of the Decorators' Alliance of North America agrees to the following:

To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of trends and new developments in decorating and home fashions; to attend professional seminars, workshops, and training programs to maintain proficiency in decorating.

To provide consistent pricing for each client and project. The decoratorís fee schedule is disclosed to each client before contract signing.

To make every attempt to understand the clientís style, taste, and functional requirements; to create decorating plans that reflect the clientís needs, budgets, and desires.


To process orders in a timely manner; to act as a liaison between clients and manufacturers to expedite the production, delivery, and installation processes.

To produce final results that reflect initial plans, sketches, and expectations; to make every attempt to execute decorating schemes in accordance with original presentations.

To act with the utmost professionalism at all times; to operate a decorating business with a philosophy of mutual respect, ethical conduct, and upstanding business practices.

To stand behind the quality of work provided; to resolve client issues and take all reasonable measures to ensure full satisfaction.


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