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Accelerate your growth and profit-making potential through your DANA membership.

The Decorators' Alliance of North America welcomes seasoned

decorating professionals as well as those  brand new to the field.


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NEWS and TOOLS YOU Can Use! 

We are DETERMINED to Make Your DANA Membership Extremely Valuable to You,

and to be a Catalyst to Your Success.


Your DANA Membership Means You Have a Team of Business Coaches and Mentors Guiding You, Rooting for You, and Helping You Build Your Business Everyday.


The True Value of Your DANA Membership is in the Benefits That Strengthen You as a Business Owner and Help Make Your Business Prosper. We also Seek to Save You Time and Money, and Help You Set Right Priorities, and Make Time for a Life of Enjoyment with Friends, Family, and Community.


As a Member of DANA, you get:

Membership in DANA provides decorators with a wealth of resources and a connection to a larger body of professionals. FREE monthly tele-classes put you way ahead in both personal and professional development, and help you to make more money in your business while having more free time. Your DANA membership is rich with benefits you can really use to improve your business.

As a member of DANA, you get:

Professional affiliation that you can be proud of

Designers and decorators who are members of DANA adhere to a strong code of ethics. Clients and prospects respect decorators committed to professional and honorable standards.


The opportunity to become a Certified Professional Decorator (CPD)

DANA is the only organization offering the CPD designation. When you choose to take your CPD exam, you are provided with a comprehensive 3-part manual covering in-depth details of all areas of interior decorating, including best business and marketing practices.


FREE quarterly continuing education courses

These quarterly tele-classes are provided with your DANA membership - at no extra charge – and include interviews and classes with experts in all areas of business and personal development. Topics are designed to inspire and motivate you, provide new ideas and resources, reveal the latest profitable niches in the design industry, keep you up to date with important issues affecting our industry, and show you new ways to attract more clients, get more done, simplify your life, and grow your design business to the next level.


All requests for specific classes honored, WOW!

If there is a topic you want to learn about, or a business issue you need to be informed on, let us know. We WILL (not might) create a class at your request, and deliver it to the membership as one of the quarterly sessions or as a BONUS session. We want your membership to SERVE YOU!


Free 20 minute coaching calls

If you feel stuck or need direction, give us a call. We offer our members FREE coaching calls when you feel you need them. We are here to help you, so pick up the phone and let's chat, and let's get your business going in a strong direction.


FREE monthly ready-made content for your personal newsletter or blog

We know that busy decorators and designers find it difficult to carve out the time to write a monthly newsletter or post weekly to their blog. We also know that your newsletter is your most important marketing tool of all-it connects you to your local prospects and clients and solidifies your place in the industry.


That's why this ONE DANA BENEFIT IS WORTH THE ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP PRICE! We have content for you in a fabulous monthly newsletter called DANA HOMEOWNER NEWS. Just copy and paste the text and use it in your monthly newsletter, or post a little bit of the monthly news each week on your blog. You can use all of the written content (but you must use them with your own graphics and photos). You do not have to cite the reference as long as you don't claim authorship. Your customers will think you are just fabulous (and we know that you are). Keep your clients updated with great design news, decorating tips, color FYI, and news they can use each and every month through your own interior decorating newsletter. This is all FREE with your DANA membership!  


PLUS, for a monthly fee, you can upgrade to an optional FULL-SERVICE, PRE-MADE SENT OUT FOR YOU Newsletter with decorating photos, formatting, your own logo, and everything done for you--we will even send it out to your list from YOUR email address! All you have to do is sign up.


There is no set up or processing fee, and only a monthly charge of 75.00 to have us do for you all of the planning, the writing, the work, the formatting, the picture gathering, and the hassle of sending out a monthly newsletter on time. This is an optional upgrade, and you can choose to simply copy and paste the FREE content, or participate in the upgrade of having it ALL done for you each month!


Listing in DANA’s "FIND A DECORATOR" online member directory

Potential clients are searching on the Internet to find qualified decorators in their area. You will create more awareness of your design business and attract your ideal clients by being included in the Decorators’ Alliance “Find a Decorator” directory. As a DANA member, you can promote your website, contact information, specialty / niche, and also include a promotional paragraph about why prospects should contact you. Part of your membership dollars is invested directly into specific search engine optimization programs. Our goal is to create more awareness of our members so that YOUR company gets in front of more homeowners who are searching for your type of services.


Discounts on products & programs from the industry’s leading business gurus & vendors

An extra perk for being a DANA member is that many companies, authors, teachers, and suppliers offer us specials on items like samples, fabrics, books, and classes. DANA Partners, which include vendors, authors, teachers, and suppliers, offer you special promotions for a minimum of 15% off the regular price, and most give 20% off or more!. These offers are listed in the PARTNERS area of the DANA website. Whenever we are offered a DANA special, we pass on the information to you. When you contact a partner for the special, you will give them your DANA member number  or last name to get your discount.


Access to the DANA E-Library, with big discounts on digital products & business tools

DANA members get a 25% discount on ALL of the products available for purchase in the DANA E-Library, and some products have an even greater discount. This includes an array of digital products, e-books, online courses, and downloadable business tools to help you increase profits and free up your time.


Opportunity to be featured in the DANA  DECORATOR SPOTLIGHT

We want to tell the world about what you do in the DANA Decorator Spotlight. You can share with others about your business, what you do that is special, your unique business philosophy, and what you are especially passionate about. Add photos in your own gallery, too. We set it all up for you!  Nominate yourself or a DANA colleague, in other words, let us know you want a spotlight page and we will deliver, with active links back to your own website or blog and contact info so people can contact you directly. Print your spotlight page or share the link with clients as we brag on your skills and accomplishments.


Accelerate your growth and profit-making potential through your DANA membership.




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Download your study manuals immediately. Take up to 1 year for examination which is completed online.



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